Why Use a Humidity Indicator Card?

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You don't want your valuable devices to be spoiled by a high level of moisture in the atmosphere. Do you?

Thus, having a device that can help you track and determine whether the moisture content of your surrounding is higher than the tolerant range of your devices can help you in the preventive maintenance of your items.

What you need is a high-quality humidity indicator card, and with AKS TECHNOLOGY, it is readily available for you to purchase.

In this article, we will educate you on why you need to use a humidity indicator card.

humidity indicator card

What is a humidity indicator card?

A Humidity Indicator Card is an extremely inexpensive device used for measuring or showing weather conditions, particularly the moisture content of your surrounding. A color change is observed as the Indicator spots a change in moisture content as humidity rises and falls.

Humidity Indicator cards can be packed with dry industrial products which are not interchangeable during storage and transport. Thus, humidity indicator cards allow users to easily keep an eye on the conditions of packaged products.

There are two types of humidity cards: cobalt and cobalt free:

Among them, the working principle of cobalt humidity card is that the indicator changes from blue to pink according to the principle of color change of biomass produced after cobalt chloride absorbs water. When drying, the humidity card is blue, if the color inside the circle changes from blue to pink.

In 2004, the EU environmental protection regulations (2004/73/ec) listed cobalt chloride as a Class II carcinogen. Now, the use of substances in cobalt containing humidity indicator cards is prohibited. In order to meet the requirements of relevant regulations and environmental protection development, manufacturers have upgraded the production process of the indicator cards to a large extent. The working principle of the latest cobalt free humidity card: also through the principle of water absorption and discoloration, the most common product is the type II indicator card which changes from brown to blue.

Features and benefits of humidity indicator cards

The use of  a humidity indicator card to track the moisture content of the environment of packaged products offers many benefits due to the features of humidity indicator cards, these benefits include:

  • The material used for making humidity indicator cards is lightweight.
  • Rapidly measured the humidity changes.
  • Humidity indicator cards can be vacuum-packed.
  • Purchasing a humidity indicator card requires a low cost.
  • Humidity indicator cards have quick recognition, thus preventing faulty items from going into the production line.
  • They recognize and monitor humidity levels proceeding to open the inner contents.

humidity indicator card

Why should I use humidity indicator cards?

Most electronic components, precision optical components and other high-end electronic and instrument equipment are easily affected by moisture, resulting in product corrosion, reduced sensitivity and even irrecoverable damage.

In order to prevent the products from being eroded and damaged by moisture, most products will adopt moisture-proof packaging combination to protect the products in the packaging stage of the final finished products and semi-finished products. The humidity display card is a convenient and economical material to detect whether the humidity is within the controlled range. When the sealing bag is opened, the data read from the color display on the humidity card can be used as the basis for monitoring whether the humidity in the sealed package is within the specified humidity range, At the same time, it can also indirectly reflect whether the desiccant in the sealed package has a moisture absorption effect.

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