Impact Indicators

Product Sensitivity Size Status When Shipped Security Manufacturer
ShockAction Label

ShockAction Label

25G - 100G 110 x 98 mm Always Live Tamperproof
Serialized (optional)
AKS (China)
ShockWatch Label

ShockWatch Label

25G - 100G 96.52 x 96.52
Always Live Tamperproof
Serialized (optional)
SpotSee (USA)
ShockWatch 2

ShockWatch 2

5G - 75G 42.93 x 42.93
x 6.35 mm
Armable Tamperproof
SpotSee (USA)
Drop N Tell

Drop N Tell

5G - 100G 50.8 x 25.4 mm Armable Tamperproof Index Packaging

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With the rapid development of the logistics industry, people pay more and more attention to the vibration of goods in the process of logistics transportation. The goods will inevitably be damaged during transportation and bring a lot of losses to the consignee. The emergence of impact labels just solves this problem.

As a professional shipping drop damage monitors manufacturer in china, we provide one-stop damage indicators solution. We offer series of standard shock impact indicators and custom shock indicator labels for different needs. We can supply impact indicator labels from well-known brands such as SpotSee, Index Packaging and we also can support custom shock impact indicators service for different needs.

Components of Shock Impact Indicators

The impact indicator is a simple and inexpensive device that uses only 3 parts: sticker, plastic case and G-Sensor to form an omnidirectional 360º impact detection sensor. The sticker will have the brand name, warning slogan, and serial number. And there is a G-Sensor inside the plastic case to protect the detection device.

Applications of Shock Indicator Labels

our impact/shock indicator labels are widely used in photocopying equipment, Photographic equipment, television, computer, DV, electronic equipment, audio equipment, telephone communication equipment, automobile engine and parts, glass products, precision parts, furniture, lighting, pharmaceuticals, biological products, blood banks, chemicals, developers, aerospace equipment, aerospace communications, aviation network server systems. 

Features of Impact Indicators

1. Indicate the source of violation of operating regulations in packaging and transportation

2. Reduce the loss rate of goods storage and transportation by more than 50%

3. Guarantee the quality of the goods and shipping quality

4. Treat the goods with care

5. Identify cargo damage information

6. Evaluate packaging and shipping techniques

The selection of the shock impact indicators depends on the volume of the goods (length * width * height) and the weight of the goods. Others should also be considered factors such as packaging materials, the fineness of the product itself, the protected point of the product and the center of weight, etc. If you don't know which kind of shock impact indicators to choose, you can contact our sales consultant to help you make the most suitable decision.

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