Time - Temperature Indicator

Product Threshold Temp Triggering Temp Alarm Time Marks Events


-20 to 38°C
Various models
Above threshold Single temperature,
or Multiple
Various options Single
or Multiple


-18 to 37°C
Nine models
Above threshold Single temperature 0.5 - 48 hours Multiple

In the process of commodity circulation, many factors and links, such as temperature, air humidity, time, light radiation, etc., will affect the deterioration rate of commodities. Among many factors, temperature is undoubtedly the most difficult to control. With the development of science and the advancement of technology, the time-temperature index indicator (Time Temperature Indictor/Integrator, TTI) born as the times require.

Advantages of Time-temperature Indicators

● Low cost (suitable for cell-level labeling)

● Can be automatically activated for high-speed production lines

● Can be read visually and digitally via smartphone

● Can be calibrated to accommodate a wide range of shelf life

● No special storage conditions required

● Unaffected by light or UV rays

● as an anti-counterfeiting device

● Use as a tamper-resistant device

● Clear, Intuitive Labeling

● Increase brand value

Applications of Time and Temperature Indicators

Time and temperature indicators can be used to monitor the safety of milk, cheese, frozen hamburgers, tomatoes, mushrooms, seafood, frozen beef and other products in the process of transportation, storage and sales in real time, and can accurately indicate product quality and remaining shelf life. And predict product safety and so on. 

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