Temperature Data Logger

Product Measuring Range Start Method Temp Alarm Real Time Monitoring Customization
TempAction USB Temperature Data Logger

TempAction USB Tempe

-30°C to 70°C Button Default 0 - 30°C
Indicator light Acceptable
TempAction LCD

TempAction LCD

-30°C to 70°C Button Default 0 - 30°C
LCD Screen Acceptable
NFC Temperature Data Logger

NFC Temperature Data

-20°C to 60°C APP User Defined Indicator light / APP Acceptable

Temperature Data Logger Manufacturer in China

In the quality control management of cold chain logistics, temperature is the key point, too high or too low will cause deterioration. For real-time monitoring and traceability requirements of temperature data, a cold chain temperature recorder is required. As a professional manufacturer of temperature data loggers, our temperature data loggers can realize automatic storage of temperature data and non-contact readout of temperature.

Temperature data loggers allow you to monitor and record temperature values over a period of time in time. Best data loggers for monitoring temperature in water and other outdoor environments, including temperature data for monitoring cold chain applications such as vaccines, transportation and logistics Recorder.

Features of Temperature Data Logger

  • Large measuring range and high precision

With high measurement accuracy and extremely low error, temperature data logger can meet the ultra-high requirements of cold chain transportation for temperature recording.

  • Long lasting

The temperature data logger's battery is also specially designed to withstand more extreme ambient temperatures.

  • Wireless communication

The data logger for temperature adopts wireless transmission, which can transmit monitoring data anytime and anywhere.

Types of Portable Temperature Data Logger

Mini PDF Data Logger is a plug and play temperature recorder that is ideal for temperature monitoring and recording during the distribution and storage of food and fruit, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other perishable products. Receivers around the world can easily access trip reports as soon as a shipment arrives.

LCD Temperature Data Logger is a kind of Temperature Real cold chain data logger, especially for temperature monitoring during the distribution and storage of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other perishable products. After record stopped, data logger can be directly inserted to the computer's USB port, and then automatically generates a PDF report without software and generate .LCD screen will display data and mode when use the data logger. 

NFC temperature/humidity recorder combines the traditional electronic temperature recorder and the NFC(Near Field Communication)large capacity chip. NFC temperature data logger is mainly used in the phases of cold chain, including storage, transportation and distribution of temperature-sensitive products, and realizes one-to-one information registration and temperature record.

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