The Application of Temperature Indicators in Vaccines

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What is a vaccine cold chain?

According to the World Health Organization, the vaccine cold chain refers to the system of storing and transporting vaccines within the recommended range of temperatures. The main objective of the cold chain is to ensure that the vaccines remain in good condition from the point of manufacture to the point of administration.

Monitoring vaccine temperature

Monitoring and recording the temperature of vaccines is a key aspect of cold supply chain management. It is the only way to determine if the vaccines have been stored and transported within the recommended range of temperatures. Monitoring vaccine temperature can also reveal any problem with cooling equipment and procedures.

Some of the techniques and equipment used to monitor and record vaccine temperatures are:

For transporting vaccines, single-use temperature loggers and indicators are used. These devices monitor and track the conditions that the vaccine is exposed to during transport and provide alerts when these devices have experienced temperature excursions outside of the required range. This monitoring is critical in preventing the administration of compromised vaccines which may have lost some or all of their potency.

 temperature recorder

For vaccine storage and handling at hospitals, pharmacies and doctor offices, reusable loggers and thermometers are used to monitor and track conditions inside freezers and refrigerators. These devices ensure that the temperature is maintained with alerts given for temperatures outside of the required range—often for a much longer period of time rather than for a single trip.

Looking for reliable vaccine temperature indicators?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, vaccines are in need now more than ever, so it is important to know how vaccine temperature monitoring works. These tools will help navigate how to monitor vaccine temperatures correctly and safely.

In order to solve the monitoring of vaccine transportation in the cold chain, AKS can provide Time-temperature indicator - WarmMark and Timestrip which is a low-cost solution that gives you all the information you need - duration of specific temperature exposure.

And TempAction recorder is a more precise solution that can read&record the full data during vaccine distribution, transportation and storage.

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