How to Choose the Right Impact Indicators

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An impact indicator will warn the audience of potential danger, reveal any hidden damage, and define who is responsible. Because of this, it is a great asset to have when shipping delicate or breakable goods, especially for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and shipping sectors.

According to reports, 34% of packaging-related returns are the result of product damage, and this can seriously harm the brand of your company. These figures clearly show how vital protective packaging is.

How can you make sure that your goods are safeguarded and delivered in a secure manner? Impact indicators have a role in this. In this post, we'll show you how to choose the impact indicator that's best for your company.

What is an impact indicator?

Impact indication labels are sometimes known as shock indicator labels. It may be applied to a package and is a one-time use, self-adhesive, and irreversible impact detection device. When items have been subjected to a possibly harmful impact while in transportation or storage, it alerts the appropriate parties.

Benefits of impact indicators for your packages

  • Serves as a visible barrier against incorrect handling.
  • Raises awareness to lessen mishandling.
  • Provide undeniable proof of improper management.
  • Chain of responsibility for every product handling is encouraged.
  • Verifies the efficacy of the package.
  • Aids in locating supply chain issue points.
  • Helps to improve the product's quality from dock to dock.

How do you know the impact indicator is best for your application?

It's essential to start with shipment size and weight through sensitivity selection in order to ensure that you choose the correct impact indicator. A more sensitive indication may be needed for items with more delicate packaging, while a less sensitive indicator may be needed for products with more durable packaging.

How do you choose the right impact indicator?

There are 4 rules you can use to determine the right impact indicator to use for your business.

Consider the selection guide.

Calculate your package's volume (m3) and weight (kg) and compare them to the appropriate values. More sensitive stickers are utilized when the products are larger and heavier. Less sensitive stickers are utilized on things that are smaller and lighter.

Activation expected drop height.

Appropriate for goods or packages that have undergone lab testing by being dropped on a floor. Indicator labels should be chosen based on whose safety drop height is nearest to the product packaging. The indication sticker 50G may be used if the safety drop height is 70 cm. This is slightly faster and more accurate.

The drop test.

Apply various indicators on the product or packaging and drop them until both the product and the activation indicator are destroyed. This is the most accurate.

Environmental inspection for shipping

Only some businesses want to need a damage test of their goods. The expense of conducting a drop test on valuable goods is substantial. Apply several shock indication stickers to the package each time you mail pricey items. Keep track of the many times when activation stickers and product circumstances correlate, then analyze. You'll discover the ideal model.

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