Why Did so Many Medical Devices Arrive Damaged?

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It’s important to ship medical devices correctly.

When the shipment is sensitive medical equipment (such as MRI or CT scans), the damage may not be detected immediately. However, the consequences will be unimaginable. Even seemingly small damage can impair the functionality of the device and require calibration or repair, thereby missing opportunities, resulting in delayed patient service, increased hospital repair costs and reputational damage to the manufacturer.

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How should I pack medical devices safely and securely?

Custom packaging

You must ensure that expensive medical equipment and supplies are packed and crated in a manner that ensures maximum protection. It's not enough to put the product in a crate or corrugated paper with some packing material around it, whether you do it yourself or entrust it to a logistics provider. Shipping preparation must be well thought out, including custom blocking and bracing by packaging engineers.

Track the packaging

Medical supplies and equipment can be quite expensive. Therefore, securing them properly and delivering them to a logistics company that can track them all the way from receipt to dispatch is critical.

How to track medical device packaging?

You can use various indicators on the box to indicate if your product has been mishandled at any point during shipping. These labels raise awareness of the possibilities of the problem. They also serve as a definite deterrent to rough treatment by your carrier.

Impact/tilt indicators

Use Impact Indicators and Tilt Indicators to help you monitor drops, shocks, and toppling during shipment, and check whether the indicators are activated when reaching the destination.

Temperature and humidity indicators

For medical equipment that has special requirements for environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, corresponding measures should be taken, such as using a temperature and humidity recorder to provide monitoring during transportation to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical equipment.

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No company wants its assets to be lost or damaged while being transported. The stakes are extremely high for medical equipment producers, hospitals, and others in the business. Not only do you need to preserve your investment, but the instruments, devices, and supplies you’re transporting may be critical to a patient’s effective diagnosis and treatment. Shenzhen AKS Technology Co., Ltd is a National High-tech Enterprise in China, committed to 3rd-party transport status monitoring products. If you are in need of indicator labels, kindly contact us immediately. 


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