Why Are Impact Indicators Important?

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The shock indicator label, also known as impact indicator, is a sign to ensure the pass rate of the goods. Attaching it greatly reduces the chance of damage to the goods. It is to monitor whether the goods are collided, impacted, dropped and illegally operated during transportation.

That is, when your valuables are consigned, the shock indicator label will appear abnormal when it is shaken, tilted, impacted, or dropped, to determine whether the items inside are damaged. It helps to find the responsible party and eliminate claims disputes. 

shock indicator label

Products are often damaged during transportation? Impact indicators tell you why.

Maybe your shipping partner is doing everything they can to keep your product safe, but a lot of your product arrives damaged. Replacing parts can take days, weeks or months. 

Using impact indicators help predict eventual failure so replacement parts or service can be booked or planned. This will save your time in repair, manufacturing and shipping.

Studying packages in transit can tell us what to expect in transit and where our products like to wobble. 

When you entrust high-value items related to sophisticated computer and electronic instruments, medical equipment, precision machine tools, antiques and ceramics to the carrier, there are many links involved, loading and unloading, transferring, unpacking, packaging, and transportation. As long as there is an irregular operation or error in one link, your items will be damaged.

At this time, you will have to make a claim to the carrier and insurance company for the damaged item, and also have to explain the reason to the consignee and beg for the consignee's understanding.

If the item is severely damaged, you have to reorganize goods to ship to the consignee again. Worse still, in the process of claims, all parties shirk their responsibilities, and insurance claims were delayed because the responsible party or strong basis could not be found.

The back of the impact indicators is made of high-strength adhesive, which can be easily and quickly stuck on the items for monitoring.

The impact indicators are also equipped with a non-recoverable mechanism. When the impact indicators record that the item is tilted, inverted, or vibrated, the non-recoverable mechanism makes it impossible to restore to the normal state, thereby ensuring the authenticity of the logistics process and distinguishing responsibilities, which provide strong evidence for insurance claims.

impact indicators

Features of shock indicator labels

  • Not easy to be damaged and replaced;
  • Suitable for various types and sizes of products;
  • Easy to install, no need for any professional knowledge;
  • Accurately supervise the entire links of each item;
  • There will be no response to normal operation ;
  • It cannot return to a normal state after reacting to events such as tilt, inversion, and flutter.

In need of high-quality impact indicators?

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