Basic Introduction to Impact Indicators

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What is a shock indicator?

Just as its name implies, the impact indicator is a device that can detec the impact force and indicate through the display window.

Shock indicators ensure that the intensity of the shock is recorded during transport or when the cargo is exposed to inappropriate environmental conditions, making the responsible person liable for compensation. Most of them are used in the transportation or storage of goods, and because each good will have different degrees of impact resistance, we will recommend selecting product models that detect different impact forces according to different goods.

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What is the G value?

G value is the unit of gravitational acceleration. The higher G value of the indicator, the greater impact force required to activate the device. For example, among the ShockAction Label 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G models, the 25G is the most sensitive model which required 25 times gravitational acceleration.

How to select the workable sensitivity?

There are two things you need to know to begin selecting a ShockAction impact indicator sensitivity: shipment size and weight. The selection guide should always be used as a starting point only. The label that will be best suited to your application will also take into account product fragility and packaging.

Components of an impact indicator

The impact indicator is a simple and inexpensive device that uses only 3 parts: sticker, plastic case and G-Sensor to form an omnidirectional 360º impact detection sensor.

The sticker will have the brand name, warning slogan, and serial number. And there is a G-Sensor inside the plastic case to protect the detection device.

Companion lables

In order to make the shipping personnel know that the impact indicator is attached to the goods, under normal circumstances, an impact indicator is usually equipped with a companion label, and its functions are as follows:

  • Alert the carriers to handle with care.
  • Clearly mark the processing steps where the label turns red.

When to use it? 

If you encounter the following problems, then the impact indicator will be your best choice.

  • The product was damaged when it was delivered to the customer, causing damage to the company's reputation!
  • Have no idea where the goods are damaged?
  • When a cargo damage event occurs, no evidence can be provided!
  • When applying for cargo transportation insurance claims, the claims are made difficult everywhere!

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About AKS

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