Do You Know What Are Tilt Indicators?

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I believe that you must have encountered customers who responded that the products or parts in the goods were missing when they received the goods and even asked for returns or compensation. Although companies will protect or even fix the goods before the products are shipped, it is inevitable that due to many abnormal factors in transportation, the products will be inevitably incomplete when they arrive at the destination.

At this time, if you put the product of Tilt Indicator on the transported goods, it can greatly reduce the problems that occur when customers receive the goods.

What are tilt indicators?

A tilt indicator is a simple device to detect and record unacceptable tilts, inversion, and improper handling of goods that must remain upright. Attach the indicator with the prominent warning companion stickers, which reduces mishandling during transportation or storage.

 tilt indicators

What exactly are the benefits of a tilt indicator? 

Reduce the damage rate of goods by more than 70%

Because the tilt indicator can react through the color change and display on the window when the cargo is dumped, when your cargo is affixed with the indicator, the transport personnel will take special care.

Improve corporate image

When your customers receive a shipment with an indicator attached, they know that you are treating your shipments more responsibly than other suppliers. 

Find out the real reason for the damage to the goods

Be able to clearly identify whether the goods have encountered abnormal tilting or dumping events in the factory or in transit. 

Spend little, save a lot

It only takes a little cost to provide better protection for your expensive goods. Even if the damage to the goods only occurs once, the amount of loss may be terrifyingly high.

Strong evidence

Through the irreversible discoloration mechanism, it can be used as strong evidence.

Are you in need of tilt indicators?

Shenzhen AKS Technology Co., Ltd is a National High-tech Enterprise in China, committed to 3rd-party transport status monitoring products.

Since 2010, AKS has continuously expanded its R&D team, researched and innovated, and provided the market with simple and efficient solutions from impact, tilt, temperature, vibration, humidity, to pressure, etc. Aims to help global customers find the right solutions to optimize the supply chain and reduce damage.

If you want to know more about our tilt indicators, please leave a message and our elite team will contact you in 12 hours.


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