Precautions for Transport Packaging of Precision Instruments

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The packaging of precision instruments is a very important factor affecting the quality of transportation. It can be completed by the shipper or entrusted to a professional packaging company. The choice of packaging materials for precision instruments is also very important. Commonly used packaging includes wooden boxes, cartons, corrugated paper, sealing tape, pearl cotton, stretch film, foam board, etc.

According to a survey by the professional packaging department, 90% of the original packaging of precision instruments from customers is either thrown away or sold as scrap. It was only when transportation was needed that I suddenly realized that if the packaging of these valuables was not up to standard, the precision instruments would be easily damaged during transportation. The packaging wooden boxes and cartons found were either too big or too small, which was unsatisfactory.

Regarding the packaging of precision instruments, the following is a detailed description of the packaging of precision instruments.

1. Precision instruments can be divided into large precision instrument transfer boxes and aluminum alloy instrument packaging boxes according to their volume and use. 

Large-scale aluminum alloy boxes are used for the outer packaging of large-scale equipment, such as transfer boxes and lifting boxes. The body is generally made of 18mm plywood and heavy-duty aluminum alloy as the frame. The steel bracket on the base can be lifted. The outer surface of the box is mostly made of aluminum plates. Aluminum alloy packaging boxes are generally used for packaging boxes for instruments, equipment, stage performances, and tools. The box body can choose 6mm, 7mm, or 9mm plywood according to the weight of the equipment. A small space can be separated in the box for placing instruments and accessories. EVA sponges can also be used to carve rubber and plastic sponges into models suitable for the instruments with a CNC milling machine according to the appearance of the instruments, so as to better protect the instruments.

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2. The box can be equipped with humanized designs such as partitions, openings, and wire doors according to product characteristics. 

The inside of the box and the partition are pasted with soft EVA composite solid resilience material; this material has lightweight, heat preservation, and anti-fog, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, and sealing functions. Wooden keels or wheels can be added to the bottom of the box for easy handling and transportation.

The characteristics of the aluminum alloy box are firm structure, strong load-bearing capacity, elegant appearance, convenient use, and wide application. Due to the unique characteristics of the aluminum profile box, the technological content is getting higher and higher, which plays a better role in protecting the product in terms of transportation and convenient use.

During your relocation process, all relocation equipment, machinery, precision instruments and other valuable and fragile items need to be packed in strict packages to ensure the safety of your items during transportation.

3. During the transportation and packaging process of precision instruments, some logistics and transportation status monitoring products can also be used for monitoring, such as shock indicators, tilt indicators and so on. 

ShockAction impact indicators and TiltAction tilt indicators are highly visible devices to alert carriers involved in the package handling process that additional care is required, thus effectively reducing the damage risks.

According to the data and feedback of major airlines and freight companies, if the goods use impact indicators and tilt indicators, the couriers and operators will pay special attention to handling them carefully, effectively reducing the transportation damage by 70%.

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