Cold Chain Technology for Food and Temperature Data Logger

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With the advancement of science and technology and the development of refrigeration technology, food cold chain technology based on refrigeration technology and based on refrigeration technology is also developing continuously. Cold Chain for the Food means that after perishable food is purchased or caught from the place of origin, in product processing, storage, transportation, distribution, retail and wholesale, and finally to the hands of consumers, all links are always required to be in special supply chain system to ensure food quality and safety, reduce loss, and avoid pollution in a low-temperature environment. At present, the food applicable to the cold chain includes: primary agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products and flowers; secondly, processed foods such as quick-frozen food, poultry eggs and aquatic products, etc.

The cold chain for food is a huge system engineering, which consists of four aspects: frozen processing, frozen storage, refrigerated transportation, and frozen sales.

Frozen storage:

It is to ensure the low-temperature preservation environment of food during storage and processing. This link mainly involves various cold storage/processing rooms, refrigerators, freezers and household refrigerators, etc.

Frozen processing:

It includes the cooling and freezing of meat, poultry, fish and eggs, as well as the low-temperature processing of quick-frozen food and dairy products during processing operations at low temperatures. In this link, the cold chain equipment mainly involves cooling, freezing devices and quick-freezing devices.

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Refrigerated transportation:

In the low temperature of logistics links including medium and long-distance transportation and short-distance distribution of food, temperature fluctuation is one of the main reasons for the decline of food quality, so the transportation tools should be in good condition.In the process of refrigerated transportation, while adhering to the specified low temperature, it is necessary to maintain a stable temperature, and it is more important for long-distance transportation.

Frozen sales:

With the rapid development of various chain supermarkets in large and medium-sized cities, various chain supermarkets are becoming the main sales channels of cold chain food. In these retail terminals, a large number of refrigerated/frozen display cabinets and storage warehouses are used, and thus gradually become a complete indispensable link in the food cold chain.

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