What Are the Applications of Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers?

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The temperature and humidity data loggers measure the temperature and humidity parameters and store them in the recorder at predetermined time intervals or upload them to the computer cloud platform through GPRS/4G and WIFI. The data can be exported and analyzed to make sure no incident endangers product safety during the transportation or experiment. Do you know which industries need temperature and humidity monitoring systems?

Cold chain logistics

In the process of cold chain transportation, the use of temperature and humidity data loggers can monitor the temperature of the entire logistics process to ensure the temperature, and also provide data recording, over-standard alarm and reporting services to ensure that the transported goods can be successfully received by customers. It shows the ability of logistics enterprises to control temperature and humidity and improves the competitiveness of enterprises.

temperature and humidity data loggers

Data center room

In order to ensure the normal operation of the computer room, the data center computer room must be kept within a constant temperature range. A sudden temperature change may bring unnecessary stress to the cooling system and sensitive equipment, especially when the temperature is high or in the hot summer. If not dealt with promptly, this may cause disaster for the data center.

Pharmaceutical industry

The increase in drug safety issues and medical accidents has attracted great attention from relevant departments. Therefore, drug storage must be controlled according to the corresponding temperature and humidity to ensure safety and reliability.

Laboratory field

Laboratory environmental conditions directly affect the results of various experiments or testing, and each experiment requires accurate and reliable monitoring instruments to provide accurate and reliable environmental parameter data.

Food industry

Temperature and humidity are crucial part of food storage. Undesirable changes in temperature and humidity will bring about changes in food quality and lead to food safety issues. The monitoring of temperature and humidity is conducive to the timely monitoring and control of the food safety system.

File management

Paper products are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity, and improper preservation will seriously reduce the use of file preservation years. Because the temperature and humidity monitoring system can monitor the temperature and humidity in the archives in real time, when the temperature and humidity of the monitoring exceed the standard value, the system will send an alarm message and take effective measures in time to prevent the hidden danger to the archives due to the temperature and humidity environment.

Agriculture industry

Temperature and humidity have a crucial impact on agriculture, and most research in the field of agriculture requires environmental data as a basis. As a high-performance and stable digital instrument, the temperature and humidity data loggers can provide a visual temperature and humidity monitoring and analysis platform for agricultural scientific research, and contribute to the precise control of temperature and humidity for scientific researchers and record of the growth of the crops.

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