The Application of Shock Indicators in Aerospace

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A product may have been subjected to shock or impact during shipping or storage using a device called a shock indicator, also known as an impact indicator.

Widespread usage of these indicators in the aerospace sector helps to prevent damage to aerospace goods and parts during handling, storage, or transportation.

The usage of shock indicators in the aerospace industry is essential because aerospace products and components are frequently brittle and readily destroyed by even slight shocks or impacts.

Go to a well-ventilated room, sit on a couch, and get something to munch on while I show you some applications of shock indicators in aerospace.

The application of shock indicators in aerospace

Here are some ways in which shock indicators can be applied in aerospace;


Shock indicators come in a variety of designs, from basic mechanical tools to complex electronic ones.

Choose the sort of shock indicator that is suitable for the particular application, taking into account the intensity of shock or impact that the product or component is likely to be exposed to.


The shock indicator needs to be put in a place where it is both visible and accessible.

It must be secured to the product or component's packaging or container in a way that ensures it won't come loose during storage or transportation.



It is possible to mount the shock indicator on both the packaged item and the container. If it is mounted on the container, it will show the overall handling the product has had. In essence, this mounting technique verifies the handling techniques.

Because the packing materials, such as isolators, foam padding, corrugated cardboard, etc., dampen the recorded shocks when the Shock Indicator is installed on the packaged object, the recorded shocks will be less severe. This kind of mounting will show how much shock the packaged goods were exposed to.


An integral trigger that engages with a spring-loaded sleeve is part of the Shock master, which is made up of a spring-loaded weight. Upon being tripped, this sleeve slides along a guide rod, revealing a crimson band therein.

Weight lies against a shoulder with its upper edge resting there. In a metal casing with a clear dome, the entire assembly is housed. The weight will be pressed up against the spring if the device is shocked along its long axis.

Indicators with electrical contacts

Wires can be run to the exterior of the box and terminated there using pigtails or the appropriate connectors if this sort of shock indicator is enclosed inside a box or attached to the packaged object.

The shelter will be harmed if you solder to these connectors. The terminals on top of the dome require these wires to be crimped to them.

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Using shock indicators in the aerospace industry entails picking the suitable shock indicator type, deciding on the ideal placement, turning on the indicator, keeping an eye on it while it's being transported or stored, and using the information gathered to enhance processes and procedures. Kindly contact us for more information.


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