Impact Indicators: A Cost-Effective Way to Monitor Your Supply Chain

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Monitoring the supply chain is a crucial part of every business. The importance of monitoring your supply chain to ensure better-handled shipments can’t be overstated. However, consider using impact indicators when choosing an efficient solution to monitor your supply chain.

Impact indicators are a cost-effective way to monitor the supply chain.

Introduction to impact indicators.

Impact indicators, also known as shock indicators, provide visual and clear identification of if a package has been exposed to an impact force more than a predeterminant level. The force may be caused by a drop or by any other factor. Usually, supply chain management applies these impact indicators to shipping containers. The impact indicator labels help to alert the recipient if the package has been handled crudely during shipping.

In addition, the impact indicator labels are a cost-effective solution for supply chain management to inspect what packages must be inspected for damage. The shipment handler can also use this cost-effective solution to monitor their shipment on the go better.

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How are impact indicators effective in monitoring your supply chain?

Here are how impact indicators can let you monitor your supply chain more effectively.

So, here we go:

Cost-effective solution

Unlike other solutions businesses may use to monitor their shipments, impact indicators are the most cost-effective. These are available as self-adhesive stickers that let the shipping companies identify how careful their shipment handlers are.

Highly visible

Impact indicators provide you with an effective way to package your items for damage-free supply. These highly visible self-adhesive indicators will make your supply chain handlers handle your shipping with extra care.

The visibility of impact indicators can ultimately add a clear sign that these shipments are being monitored. Consequently, your shipping company will pay more attention to the careful handling of the package.

Deter mishandling

Anyone working in the supply chain must understand that damaged shipping is costly. In the modern world, logistic companies rely heavily on different tools and techniques to deter mishandling and prevent shipping damage in the best possible way. Protecting the bottom line of business and deterring mishandling are two important aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Using impact indicators provides a cost-effective way to monitor your supply management and deter mishandling.

When impact indicators are used in the supply chain, you will record a clear visual restraining to mishandling.

Other benefits to experience with impact indicators.

  • The impact indicators provide obvious impact levels displayed during the shipping handling process.
  • These will warm supply chain management about the additional care that shipping needs.
  • You can inspect your good before accepting these.
  • Improved accountability for shipping handling.

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