How to Use Tilt Indicators to Prevent Damage During Transit?

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The goods’ tilting that has to be upright has always been a problem for packaging and shipping professionals. Tilt Indicators can help record and detect when a package is tilted during handling or shipping.

Tile indicators are a highly economical and reliable solution to help you prevent damage during transit. Most tilt indicators are temper and moisture-proof, which can offer added protection even in the worst conditions.

Tips and tricks to use tilt indicators to prevent damage during transit

Tilt indicators are here to prevent damage during transit. However, to make the most of your tilt indicators, you must learn how to use these more effectively. Here we have brought some effective tips and tricks to use tilt indicators more efficiently.

So, here we go:

Place the tilt indicator at a visible location

Always put your tilt indicators in an easily visible location. It will keep your handlers from missing the tilt indicator. It is believed that the ideal place to add a tilt indicator is near the container’s corner.

Place an extra in the interior box.

If you have double box packing of any object, then it would be better to place an extra tilt indicator inside the interior box as well. It will help in better tilt detection and monitoring.

Mark the top of the tilt indicator.

Another effective way to use tilt indicators to prevent damage is to add a mark on the indicator's top. The practice will help in keeping the tilt indicator from being replaced. Even if someone replaces it, you can quickly learn about it.

Make a superior adhesive.

Making tilt indicators super adhesive is also important to prevent damage. Spraying glue, especially when using tilt indicators on wooden crates, is more effective in ensuring a superior adhesive.

Placing two tilt indicators can offer the added benefit

Another best practice is placing two tilt indicators on containers on both sides. This practice would help in monitoring all sides of the container for tilting.

Benefits of using tilt indicators during transit

Consider using tilt indicators as an economical investment to monitor and indicate tilting during transit. Here are the benefits of using tilt indicators that you must know:

  1. Tilt indicators can help in protecting sensitive, fragile, and calibrated goods.
  2. Handlers and shippers can also use this as an effective investment to find weaknesses throughout their supply chain.
  3. It can provide evidence for mishandled packages. You can even use it to enhance the image of your business.
  4. The best thing about tilt indicators is that these don’t require any changes in shipping or packaging.

Get Tilt indicators from AKS technology to detect and record tilts.

Do you want to invest in the best quality, reliable, and pocket-friendly tilt indicators? AKS technology has brought a variety of tilt Indicators for you. The indicators contain visible warning stickers to help reduce mishandling during package storage or transit. These tilt indicators can help improve damage prevention during transit in the best possible way.


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