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TiltAction Label TiltAction Label

TiltAction tilt indicators indicate and record unacceptable tilting, inversion and improper handling on goods which must remain upright. Reduces mishandling during transportation or storage.

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Product Description

TiltAction tilt indicator can show tilt, inversion and improper handling of goods in shipment and storage while monitor whether they are stored correctly. Thus can help you to prevent or reduce damage during handling or shipping.


If your goods have to be kept up-right during handling and shipping, you can try to stick tilt indicator label to warn handler to keep up your goods and make instructions  or record when tilt happens.


When your goods tilt from vertical direction over  80°, silver round will turn red, which becomes an indication and record about tilt.



Activation Angle



60 x 74 x 5 mm




Polystyrene housing with non-magnetic steel indicator


Acrylic adhesive

Operating Humidity

5% to 99% noncondensing

Operating Temperature

-40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)


Pressure-sensitive adhesive or holes to accommodate screws, nails, or staples

Shelf Life

2 years


• Reduces mishandling during transportation or storage

• Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling

• Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance

• Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling

• Confirms effectiveness of packaging

• Helps identify trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage

Working Principle

The backplane is made of 5 mil acrylic acrylic adhesive

Vacuum seal, excluding humidit and temperature changes

Use a magnetically resistant metal material to ensure that the magnet can not be restored to its original state

Inclination angle greater than 80 degrees, Horizontal plane angle is less than 10 degrees

When your goods tilt from vertical direction over 80°, silver round in the middle will turn RED, which becomes an indication and record about tilt.

when the tilt angle exceeds 80 degrees, the area becomes noticeable red, The process is irreversible

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